Both the shelters (Boys and Girls) of CSP are involved with various kind of activities besides their education, Athletic is one of those activities. Our children are enrolled under Sarobor Athletic Club since long. They are actively involved and also took part in various competition in past. The children are under regular practice. Taking part in athletics helps them to stay fit physically and also improves the cognitive and memory functions of the brain, helps them to perform better in academics.

Towards developing in children a well rounded personality, CSP runs the sports programme with the collaboration of Rabindra Sarobar Athletics Club. Since the introduction of a regular sports and athletics programme, many children across all programmes have had an opportunity to access and utilize a sports facility with the benefit of free open spaces away from the claustrophobic overcrowding of their slum existence.

There is regular attendance of about 30 children from various programmes at the Athletics Training camp at Rabindra Sarobar stadium, Kolkata. Many of the children from the athletics section have participated in various local events and won honours.

CSP has tied up with a soccer coaching run by Southern Sports Club. Although this is a comparatively recent venture a couple of Home boys are showing real promise as sportsmen.

Many of the children from the athletics section have participated in various local events and won honours.

OSG Sports

The Opinion of the Sarobor Athletic Club (SAC)

SAC believe that every trainee of tender age has the potential of becoming a successful athlete provided he/she continues the training schedule with deligence, Sarobor Athletics Centre were the CSP children take there athletics lessons, holds two annual events, mainly cross country race and the annual track and filled events in which the performance records of each individual is recorded.

The past records of one trainee with the current records the progress of that trainee can be ascertained but unfortunately due to the pandemic situation SAC could not hold these two important events for the past two years. The SAC coaches hope that sometime in April the annual track and filled event can be held. The CSP children at present are in a primary level, not mature enough to participate in serious athletics competitions such as inter school, inter college, district sports and state sports meets.

Of the CSP boys has the potential to compete in events for his age group. The senior girls who had had athletics training for 3-4 years in the past have taken to football.

If the other children are allowed to compete in their school events they may show good results. They hope to submit a comprehensive progress report after the club’s annual track and filled event.

Girls Football Team

Calcutta Social Project (CSP) works for the underprivileged of Kolkata streets and slums to ensure them a future.
Among the underprivileged it is the female who is the most down trodden.
The way out from the cycle of inherited poverty is through education and vocational skills.
It is the experience of CSP that the culture of being downtrodden has ingrained in impoverished females a psyche of hopelessness, defeatism and thereby submission.
Empowerment has to ensure personality changes which will develop an inward sense of competence, competitiveness and confidence.
Playing any sport is a way of life. It has the power to bring a positive change in a players life.
The positive change it brought in CSP Shelter Home Girls’ lives was evident when they played their first practice match against the already trained CSP Shelter Home Boys’ Team.
The initiative to form a Girls Soccer Team from the Shelter Home Girls was taken forward when the girls team gave a fighting response to the boys team.