Shrimati – Beautician



This course has been decided upon since it offers opportunities for entrepreneurship, freelancing and employment in salons.Beautician services range from those available in salons frequented by the uber rich to individual services available in slums.

Geographical area of project : Kolkata  and adjacent districts
Course duration : 1 year
Participants per course: 10
Number of centres: 2

Material and equipment will be provided by CSP. The course will also incorporate basic bookkeeping and other relevant topics to assist in running a small business.  On the job training will be provided through tie-ups with an existing salon

Successful candidates will receive a certificate from CSP
Desired Outcomes
The project seeks the following outcomes
1 Imparting skills that will enable these young girls to find employment in a safe and conducive environment

  1. Become self reliant, confident and live with dignity
  2. Enable them to become entrepreneurs
  3. Bring them in close proximity to affluent sections of society thereby raising aspiration levels for themselves and their families.