Shelter Home

Girl children of slums and streets are the most vulnerable amongst the poorest of poor children. While boys in the same environment are often led astray by the allure of anti social earnings, the girls wind up being the prey of antisocials. Their need for a protected and secure environment is imperative.

It is an unfortunate fact of this downtrodden level of society that slum and street males are prone to abandon their families leaving the single mother to fend for the rearing and care of their infants.

The Open Shelter for Boys is located at 1/4 Manoharpukur Lane and is funded by the ICPS. The objectives of this shelter are to attract a target group of children from their present, vulnerable life situation to a safe environment. This is possible only with sustained interventions. It is necessary to guide these away from high risk and socially deviant behaviours. Not only does CSP work towards providing them with opportunities for education as well as develop their potential talent, but it also enhances life skills and reduces their vulnerability to exploitation. We reintegrate these children into families, alternative care and community as well as carry out regular follow ups to ensure that they don’t return to the vulnerable situation.