Mission / Vision / Values


The Lockdown of 2020 and the economic contraction that resulted, crippled the livelihoods of thousands at the lower levels of the economy. Petty traders, skilled workers, domestic helps, labourers were almost all thrown out of work. With meagre family savings running out, thousands veered towards starvation.
CSP responded immediately to their plight. Within a month of the Lockdown, CSP started developing and implementing six critically needed interventions focused on nutrition, health, education, and livelihood restoration.


Our Mission

Calcutta Social Project works to unleash the true potential of underprivileged slum women and children through human development services focussed on education, shelter and nutrition.

Our Vision

Foster employability of unskilled slum youths who have been educational dropouts or low academic achievers, by training them in vocational skills and helping them work towards transformational income alternatives.

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Our Values

CSP is a non-political, secular organization.

CSP works on the premise that honesty, integrity and transparency are the fundamental ingredients of a strong and stable institution

CSP has as its credo that beneficiary development is at the heart of its organisation and that the organisation exists solely for its beneficiaries

CSP believes that donor confidence confirms the success of the organisation and strives towards earning the respect of all those who participate and collaborate with it.

CSP aims towards giving its employees the wherewithal to achieve, through clarity of direction and creation of an informal, barrier-free culture.