Boys Open Shelter & Day-Care

Boys Open Shelter & Day-Care

The Open Shelter for Boys is located at 1/4 Manoharpukur Lane and is funded by the ICPS. The objectives of this shelter are to attract a target group of children from their present, vulnerable life situation to a safe environment. This is possible only with sustained interventions. It is necessary to guide these away from high risk and socially deviant behaviours. Not only does CSP work towards providing them with opportunities for education as well as develop their potential talent, but it also enhances life skills and reduces their vulnerability to exploitation. We reintegrate these children into families, alternative care and community as well as carry out regular follow ups to ensure that they don’t return to the vulnerable situation.


At CSP, we identify such children within the geographical area/location of the shelter home and we introduce age-appropriate education, access to vocational training, recreation, bridge education, linkages to the National Open School Program (NIOS), health care, counseling etc. We encourage the involvement of social workers, community volunteers, peer educators, students and others. CSP strives to provide life skills to children leading to personality enhancement, raising self esteem, developing a positive approach to life, improving communication skills, ability to deal with trauma, reducing risk and vulnerabilities.

The children are provided quality toilets, lockers for them to keep their belongings, washing facilities, recreational facilities both outdoors and indoors. Not only do we provide health care facilities and refer children for specialized services for the prevention of drug and substance abuse, HIV/AIDS/STI’s and other chronic health disorders. Here children encouraged to participate in the activities of the Open Shelter. We also prepare Individual Care Plan for each will be monitored by the DCPS from time to time.

Open Shelters in urban and semi-urban areas cater to all children in need of care and protection, particularly beggars, street and working children, rag pickers, small vendors, street performers, orphaned, deserted, trafficked, run-away children and children of migrant population and any other vulnerable group of children.