Annual Reports

Modern Annual Report

Calcutta Social Project completed 50 years of dedicated service to the poor in the year under review. A review of the activities of the organisation which follows will testify to the robustness and vigour of CSP after 50 years. This is the best tribute to its founders Mrs Kalyaniand Mr GV Karlekar that could be paid by its members, staff and management.
The organisation that these visionaries founded in 1972 has crossed half a century expanding and deepening its outreach into programs for the community of urban poor.
CSP also has reached the next stage of its evolution after the transition to the present management effected by the founders in 1997-99.
The transition taking place now is largely to a team of former beneficiaries who have grown up at CSP and also educated and empowered to lead by the organisation.
They constitute the entire second line of CSP. The present management will continue to handhold the transition process for the next two years as was the template set down by the founders in 1997 We take immense pride in this.... our most telling achievement.
This we are certain guarantees the impactful work of CSP over the decades to come.
At the same time, CSP embarks this year on its most ambitious program of rescuing and rehabilitating urban poor youth denied proper livelihood opportunity by poor mainstream education.

Online Education

‘Calcutta Social Project’ and Poverty. A 50 Year Perspective.’

CSP’s experience and learning from the 50 years it has worked among and with the poor families of Kolkata’s slums and streets, is instructive for all who are engaged in similar work, and most of all for CSP’s own workers … today and in the future.